We welcome you to our new blog area, which from 1 April 2021 will replace the tutorial area that previously contained numerous videos with tips and guides on MTB.

But from today we will no longer have a solely passive site but also an active site where all users can comment and express their personal opinion.

What is a blog?

The blog can be considered as a sort of virtual personal diary in which to talk about one's passions through images, videos and textual content. In Italy, the success of blogging came in the early 2000s with the opening of several dedicated digital services.

To find out more about what a blog is, we recommend that you read: "What is a blog" by Salvatore Aranzulla.

What will our blog contain?

In addition to all the content previously uploaded in the tutorial area, our blog will also contain numerous articles on experiences, useful tips, reviews and much more that you will see in the future.

To find out why we have opened our blog we advise you to read: "FROM APRIL 1 THE TUTORIAL AREA IS TRANSFORMED"

How can I interact with the group through the website?

There are several ways to communicate with our group through the website: the first is certainly through the contact area where you can send a message using the appropriate spaces and providing an email for the reply which, in most of the times is sent within 24/48 hours; another way to contact us is to write an email to our reserved address info@gruppogiubberossemtb.it.

But from today it will also be possible to communicate with us by commenting on the articles that we will publish in this area and to which we can subsequently respond.

Attention: at the time of sending the comment under our articles, authentication on the Facebook platform will be required.

Do you have any issues in mind to discuss in our blog?